About me

I have always had an affinity with the mystical side of life... A fascination with the occult (even if I didn't know what that word meant at the time), dressing up as a Witch every Halloween and my mum reading my Horoscope from the newspaper every Sunday.

Throughout most of my life I felt as though no-one really got me. I was completely confused as to why no matter how hard I tried to get good academic grades and 'fit' in with everyone else, that I never could quite grasp the validation of getting an A for my efforts or find belonging growing up. I was following the societal rule book of life, but things didn't quite align the way I was told they should do.

What I knew is that I had a very acute emotional intelligence. If reading people like a book was graded, then I would have gotten an A* on the exam.

It was a very dodgy situationship at University that led to me being ghosted. My Gemini Moon was distraught. I wasn't in love so why did being blocked send me spiralling? At the time I began doing the work, at some point I learnt about my Moon sign and what this meant for me, things began to make sense and the rest is history...

Analysing the whole of my chart and learning that the majority of my energy resided in the 12th House in Pisces, it was no wonder I felt that no-one got me. What the chart gave me was a deep understanding of who I was, that I wasn't flawed and the reassurance that I could use my awareness of my Astrological blueprint to be the best person that I could be and navigating those challenging moments in life.

I later went on to study Astrology at the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London and I continue to develop my knowledge through a variety of teachers and resources.

In a world that tells you what and who you should be, the most empowering tool that we can utilise is to truly honour and validate ourselves. It goes without saying that no one will ever understand you as much as you know yourself, but we numb out and tune-out, I am here just to reaffirm what you know deep down to be true about yourself.